30 Sports Photos That Will Make You Hold Your Breath

Sports photography is one of the most exciting and challenging types of photography. Capturing the action at its peak is your ultimate goal; this requires planning and skill. Here are a few examples to help you become better at capturing that "peak action" that is the hallmark of great sports photographers.

Canadian Fun © Viamoi

Canadian Fun

curve e rette © Eugenio

curve e rette

When your best just isn't good enough... © ilkka räisänen

When your best just isnt good enough

Run photographer, run © etheris

this is the last shot I got before I started to run frantically.

Drive and Co-driver were unharmed.

Run photographer run

Le Superman de la Bourse © Sblourg

Superman de la Bourse

Tube time © LouisStone

Tube Time

Melon High © BlackScarletLove

Melon High

this is speed riding © Andy PARANT

this is speed riding

Teacher and students © Daniele Oberti

Teacher and students

Intense © oldninja


Funny Car © Mike Doran

Funny Car

World's Favorite Sport © Rama V

Favorite Sport

Cool © BryantThompson


Sunset Ride © ChrisHultner

Sunset Ride © ChrisHultner

Breaking the mirror © Sergio Padura

Breaking the mirror

finished © Stuart McNeil

finished © Stuart McNeil

Motion Blur Frozen © Mariano Kamp

Motion Blur Frozen

Untitled © Manuel e Alessandro

Untitled Manuel e Alessandro

across © Manuel Meinhardt

across © Manuel Meinhardt

help3 © Simone Lenzi

help3 © Simone Lenzi

Tricia Woo © Kevin Batangan

Tricia Woo

Double game © eran dinur

Double game

Jump © Jalu Pamuncar

Jump © Jalu Pamuncar

Highjump balet © Damir Sencar

Highjump balet

Drive Off © steve mitchell

Drive Off © steve mitchell

Fusion efforts © Vicente Concha

Fusion efforts

The agony within a race © Wings

The agony within a race

Death Defying Handstand! © Simon Hodgson

Death Defying Handstand

Basketball Dunk © Sean Scarmack

Basketball Dunk

Acapulco 2 © cesar mantilla

Acapulco 2