Vexel Artwork : 30 Wonderful Examples

Vexel Artwork - "Vexels," in the most widely perceived meaning of the term, are rather high-intensity vector graphics, consisting of hundreds and thousands of vector layers, but that also permit certain raster elements, such as stroked paths. They, however, do not permit painting or brushing techniques, and everything must be made with paths or shapes.

Bunny by Vilone

Bunny vexel art

Vexels Art By Linda

Vexels Art

Wonderwoman by shebid


Gimme More Braaaainsss by Winterof87

Gimme More Braaaainsss

Lady Gaga by fabulosity

Lady Gaga Vexel Art

Goldfrapp by Lightways


snow by zldz

Thawana Broska by AndersonMathias

purity by gilbert86II

The Truth by Uniquedee

Red lips by AstridT

Ace Of Spades by shebid

Ace Of Spades

Nicole by jespecially

Just another by Uniquedee

No5 by mari-angel

Sunshine by AndersonMathias

I'm Missing by Lullipops

Looking up by IsabellaxParadise

Still Lookin forward.. by Angie985

Can you see me? by Thaaw

Thaaw by AndersonMathias

contemplating.. by jawwneeee

City in a Snowglobe by shebid

Katie Melua by Swezzels

In My Own Time by hinnie

Sophia Bush by the2slayers

Sophia Bush

Lash by BeBeachy

dark temptation by deftbeat

Shes all Grown Up by JEYY

Shes all Grown Up