Amazing Macro Eye Photography

Amazing Macro Eye Photography  - Here are some beautifully taken macro photos that only focus on the eyes. This post is definitely not for those with Ommetaphobia (fear of eyes).

Love was out to get me. by Annarigby

ocean ll by Deeevilish

I feel you. by t0x1c-d0LLy

when you walk away . ... by light-from-Emirates

Phobia by appleplusskeleton

Looking At The Future by Liel Bomberg

Window by Fabio Giolito

Your beautiful eyes by Suren Manvelyan

The Eye Of Jenny by Kickan

hairy eye by oskaline

mon oeil by io2

Roses Are Dead by BatDesignz

Escape by Aurelia24

Blue sky by EliseEnchanted

Bright eye II by fiixx

The Gateway by C. Young Photography