Urban Decay Photography : 25 Amazing Photographs

Urban Decay Photography - Taking pictures of urban decay can take you on an adventure into places that are little visited or have been forgotten by most people. They may be large in scale such as ruins of buildings, or something up close such broken doorknobs or corroded window frames. The following are some amazing examples that will help you make the most of urban decay photography.

To the train by limbonic

OpenDoorPolicy by Malcolm X

Raincatcher by Mandy Schoch

Staircase concrete by holger droste

The Abyss by reinkarnacja

the final curtain by Sven Fennema

untitled by Nikola Banicevic

Ekay by martin zalba

Sant Pere de Rodes (NO HDR) by José Luis Mieza

Untitled by _Blaster_

Stairway to heaven by Alfredo Gigliotti

Time, time, time. See what's become of me. (Paul Simon) by Sol Lang

EXIT by Patricia Sweeney

Dreams are not easy to achieve by Jitariuc Alexandra

ThE WaLL (a hypnotic view) by Gabriele Gaspardis

the old winery by Sven Fennema

Sitting By The Fire by Cormac Scanlan

Old forgotten Piano by Derek Pinkston

Old shop by José Eduardo Silva

pink window by José Eduardo Silva

My view of NYC skyline by ocalf-53

RADIO by jody miller

the doctor will see you now by CmdrCord

Signed Decay by Toni Verdú Carbó

banksy old street by Stew Dean

To let by Cilest