Minimalist Photography : 25 Excellent Examples

Minimalist Photography - Minimalism is indeed the art of less. As a life philosophy, minimalists focus on a few essential elements of life and cast unnecessary things aside. In today`s showcase, we have collected some excellent examples of minimalist photography, where the focus is one one small key element and the rest of the composition is completely clutter free. You’ll be surprised at how powerful these images can be!

Pipe by Dmitry "Magic D" Alekseyev

tanssimassa alla tähtitaivaan by Roan Suvelis

A singular man by gerard sexton

CHROMA by dzpixel

Minimal winter by Marko Kosovcevic

Jealousy by baboon™

Jetty by Maria Strömvik

What are you doing? by hira3

Azure by Viton Vitanis

Spaces between by Sameli Kujala

Birds Fly by Mike Rosulek

Simple..... by maxxsmart

/ by bernd hegewisch

Camel by Sergei Reoutov

Palouse by Anil Sud

not the end of the world by Cie Shin

Harmony by Dare Turnsek

.. .. .. . .. by Milo Baumgartner

Little tree on red by manganite

Hands: Holding by Rune T

Lab' Cows by jojo

... by lucianc

Lonely camel guide by Sasa Huzjak

CinemaWorker by Marcus Björkman

Where is the Sun by Jacek Stefan