Global Warming Versus Greenhouse Effect

It is evident that various changes have occurred on the earth's surface during the last century. The temperature across the globe rose by 1%within a span of 100 years and this is not great news at all. Indeed this is a matter of grave concern and is supported by the vanishing of ice and glaciers all around the world. It is believed that Global warming is the result of increase in the levels of green house gases in the earth's crust mainly caused by the sun.

What is the Green House effect?

Sun is the main source of heat and energy for the earth. The sunlight contains the electromagnetic radiations that enter the earth surface and are absorbed by the earth. This results in the formation of infrared radiations that are emitted out into the space. But the greenhouse gases like methane, carbon dioxide, trap these radiations and this results in the heating of the earth's surface. The ultimate result is the rise in the temperature of the earth leading to adverse consequences dangerous for the existence of mankind.

What are the Green House Gases?

Green house gases have been in existence on earth from thousands of years. The Industrial Revolution in the 19th century triggered the increase in the production of the gases. Carbons oxide, methane were released as a result of combustion of gas, oil and coal. It is the human activity that has been the root cause of the increasing the green house gases in the atmosphere.

What is Global Warming?

The increase in the level of green house gases makes it easier for these gases to trap the infrared radiations within the atmosphere of the earth. This has finally resulted in the drastic rise in the temperature of the earth exposing mankind to various dangers. Polar caps, ice, glaciers and snow capped mountains are melting due to the rise in the temperature.

Human beings are responsible:

It is clearly known that it is the human activity that has led to the increase of green house gases in the earth's atmosphere resulting in global warming. Small changes in the human activities can reduce the emissions of carbon and methane. Usage of natural gas, solar and wind energy can help in curbing the emissions of carbon and methane. Once we control the carbon emission, we will surely be able to curtail the production of green house gases and reduce the global warming.

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By Snehal_P