Green Energy, Today and Tomorrow!

There's an awful lot of hype in the media lately about global warming and the damage we're doing to Mother Earth, with everyone discussing carbon emissions as a way to reduce pollution and save the planet. It's interesting, when you consider this detail, that there isn't much media coverage on green energy, which could ensure earth's resources are sustained and not permanently depleted.

The issue behind this 'cover up' is that oil companies rule the world. Wars are waged to gain control of oil fields; pipelines are constantly being fought over; and because of these self-imposed struggles, the price of oil conveniently keeps on rising. Oil companies are much like pharmaceutical companies in that they dominate their market and ensure the 'natural' options are talked down, sidelined and badly funded.

Green energy is entirely sustainable, unlike oil and gas (fossil fuels) which are gradually depleting the world's reserves, leading to a day when we can't run our cars, fuel our homes or even have hot water. Renewable energy uses power systems like wind power, solar power and wave power, meaning it's not only cost effective but it releases zero pollution emissions into the atmosphere and doesn't waste anything.

Think about it, do we really need to dig up oil all over the world, ruining landscapes, habitats and homes? This oil will run out, and once that happens, all the destruction we've done to the planet will be for nothing. We individuals don't usually think about all the awful things that huge corporations are doing to the Earth simply to line their own pockets and run our TV's. Why do we need oil and gas to heat our homes or run our cars when harnessing renewable power can guarantee to do the same forever, rather than just for the foreseeable future? The answer is: we don't! We don't need fossil fuels in our lives. Money is the motivation, not necessity, and because there isn't any profit to be made by the fossil fuel corporations with green energy, there isn't any real initiative to promote it.

Installing green energy systems in our homes is a decision that is going to have to be down to us. If enough of us take control of how we power our homes then eventually the governments will have to listen, and when governments begin placing restrictions on fossil fuel companies and instead begin funding studies into renewable energy we'll have started a revolution that may well save the world and ensure a sustainable future for our children and many generations to come.

So, what exactly can we do? Well, solar systems such as solar panels on our roof can power our electricity. Wind farms or windmills can do the same. There are even ways of harnessing the power of water in rivers and oceans to power our homes, with the first wave-powered town in the world being trialled in Scotland.

We can use the power of the sun to heat our water with solar water heaters, whilst photovoltaic panels transform solar energy into electrical energy. Whatever option you choose, you'll feel empowered knowing your green energy solutions are saving you money, reducing your annual bills and saving the planet. We don't want to be paying our hard earned pennies into the palms of corporations when we could instead be using our money to enjoy our life.

There's genuinely no reason to continue satisfying the fossil fuel companies when we know there are other, gentler, safer, renewable ways of fueling our lives. Once green energy systems are installed in our homes there is no need to pay electricity bills, heating bills or anything else for that matter. The energy nature can produce is more then enough to run the world - and it can do so affordably and tax free!

Give it a try and do your bit to save the planet and your wallet. You won't regret it. If we all pull together and take the initiative ourselves then we might just ensure a great future for everyone...

By Julian_Spano