Dental Assistant Salary Information

Interested in being a Dental Assistant? Looking for information on Dental Assistant Training? You might be asking yourself, "How much money can I make as a dental assistant?" Great question. You will find that in most places, the range that a Dental Assistant can expect make can vary greatly. Here is some general information on dental assistant salary.

Your salary as a Dental Assistant will depend on your experience, your education, and your status with an employer. An experienced, full-time Dental Assistant can expect to receive a higher rate of pay and could have the potential to receive benefits from their employer.

An unlicensed Assistant can make around $10 an hour on the high-end. As you gain more education and more licensing you can expect your average pay to increase. In a dental office that turns a large number of patients, the top salary for an experienced dental assistant with expanded functions can reach as high $20.00 an hour.

In some cases an assistant can be paid via salary. When paid by salary, you can expect your paycheck to be the same each period, as you will be payed an agreed dollar amount for the year.

Another possibility for additional payments can be a bonus structure. This can be anything from performance bonuses to a profit sharing program. Several examples of this include a scenario where the office sets a goal for the year, and the profits above the goal are split between the employees. Another is a standardized bonus system that provides an extra payment, based on profits, to the employee around holiday times. Be sure to ask your employer about bonus opportunities that exist in their office.

Benefits are another important part of your payment package. Many full-time employees will have the option of taking on a benefit package. Benefits can include health insurance, additional insurance packages, retirement options, etc. This will vary depending on state and employer. Not all employers will offer benefits.

Another exciting benefit that can exist in the dental world are unique hours. In some cases, you can work 4 days per week, 10 hour days. This gives you an additional day off during the week, which is an enticing opportunity to many workers. This of coarse requires longer hours during your work days.

Some dentists, specifically pediatric (children's) dentists, will also work different hours in the Summer than they will work in the Winter. Pediatric dentists will work extensive hours while children are not in school.

As you can see there are many payment and salary options that exist for dental assistants. There are great opportunities to have successful careers in this field.

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