The Effects of Excess Abdominal Fat on the Heart

It seems like more people are walking around with some sort of extra tummy fat on their body. There are not too many people that will feel comfortable walking around with a half shirt on showing their abs off when there is an extra bulge. Not only do people become self conscious about the fat but it can take a toll on their heart as well.

Everyone is born with fat in the abdominal area. There is the fat that actually covers a person's abs. This fat is better known as subcutaneous fat. The subcutaneous fat is resting under your skin and on your abdominal muscles.

Even deeper in the abdominal area is a second fat named visceral fat. The visceral fat is all around the body organs that are located under the muscles. When people have what is known as a beer belly it is caused from the visceral fat.

When either of these fats get out of control in the abdomen area there is going to be health problems for a person. The risks are very high for diabetes to start, blood pressure can become high, heart problems will develop, strokes, lack of sleep, and different types of cancer to name a few.

When people notice a bulge starting in the gut area they need to take control of the problem before it is out of control. Losing tummy fat is never easy and will take some work before the difference will be noticeable. There are two things that go hand in hand when trying to get a killer abdominal area again. Healthy eating and exercise will help the fat go away so a person will not be in the high risk factor of health problems.

People are going to need to stop eating the fast food that is dripping with grease and start eating more vegetables, fruits, and smaller portions of food. The belly might growl in between meals but instead of reaching for a bag of chips grab an apple. Eating healthy is hard but over time it will become natural and people will start feeling better health wise.

For losing tummy fat there should be a good exercise program in place. The exercise could be done in the comfort of the home or at the gym. Do not think a million tummy crunches is all the work that will need to be done. Before a person can build the tummy and have those much sought after abs the fat will have to come off first.

Before starting any exercise program or diet always check with a doctor first. The doctor can guide a person about how much exercise can be done safely to start out.

Keith Braithwaite is a generally nosey and opinionated guy but his heart is in the right place. After nearly thirty years in the corporate world and twenty keenly observing direct selling, he is now following interests in self-development, internet marketing and historical studies, but most particularly in weight loss and nutrition.

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