Green Roof Benefits

Progressive modern times and advances in home building technology and materials have shifted attention to the many advantages of having a green roof installed on your home. Why should homeowners consider this alternative to regular roofing? Read on to find out the many benefits of having a green roof for your home.

There are many beneficial relationships for the environment and the home owners when it comes to installing a green roof, or a vegetative roof. Ecologically, working with nature instead of against it is always a better option. The developmental impacts of construction and building could be reduced through the natural design of a vegetative roof. In urban environments where concrete covers nearly every ground area, there is not much nature left in the environment, or any porous surface left. Green Roofs increase and help restore the ecological settings of an urban open space, especially in dense communities. The greater the roof space, the greater the ecological advantage. This is due to the innate nature of a green roof to act as an effective storm water management system.

The loss of nature and green spaces in our urban living environments can be significantly reduced if more and more buildings and homes install green roofs. Nearly any horizontal surface, like roofs can be transformed into a vegetated roof, which can be used to grow many lucrative plants. It's like having your own self sufficient garden on your own roof!

There are many economic gains in installing rooftop gardens. Investing in this type of roof will reap many biological benefits, not to mention a more durable, energy saving, better insulated, and sustainable building materials being utilized. On a daily basis, the area on top of your roof was being wasted and unused, whereas a green roof opens up the space into a more livable, breathable, usable environment and space.

Psychologically, humans have the tendency to perform at peak mental capacities when surrounded by natural beauty and diversity, and being surrounded or exposed to natural landscapes and gardens. Tending to an intensive rooftop gardens has the power of calming and de-stressing, and also acts as a leisure activity. Incorporating ecological design into our homes creates a more aesthetically pleasing space and provides greater visual appeal.

Insurance companies also offer insurance rate reductions, some companies up to 33% for installing green roofs. The promotion of green roofing systems and green building technologies has never been so prevalent and researched, with new strides in sustainable building, there are many incentives to alternative green building practices, of which can save you money on your home insurance plan, increase your health, save you money, and contribute to a healthy green environment. The green industry is well on its way, and the day dense cities adopt green roof building practices, will have the greatest environmental impact. Hong Kong and Vancouver have already greatly explored this alternative, and soon major cities will follow suit. More resistant and sustainable roofing technologies will be the norm soon.