Christmas Charities

There are several different charities that you will hear about during the Christmas season. The ones that have been listed below are those which are on the up and up and that you can trust will get all of your donations to the right place.

Christmas Angel Tree

This charity is sponsored by the Salvation Army and has been around for a long, long time. It is a trustworthy charity and the help they give to families is heartwarming. The Salvation Army places Christmas trees in department stores and malls and the ornaments are angels that have a child's name, age, clothing size, and favorite toy listed on them. You can choose one or more angels from the tree and go on a shopping spree for the angel child you have chosen. Once you have purchased your items, they are to be dropped, unwrapped, at a designated location in the store or mall. If one child has received more gifts than another child, the gifts will be distributed evenly.
Toys for Tots

This charity is sponsored by the United States Marine Corporation. The Marines set up in a store with a large box. You can go into the store and purchase one or more toys and simply drop them into the box. The package should not be wrapped so that the Marines can go through the toys to be distributed to boys or girls. Normally there are commercials on local television which will tell you the locations that are participating in the Toys for Tots program. Watch for them so that kids who wouldn't normally get anything for Christmas will have at least one present to open on Christmas morning.
Local Food Bank

The food bank needs donations all year around, but during the holidays their supply will run extremely low. This is when they need donations more than any other time. You can donate canned or dry items, money or your time. A lot of families need the food bank to survive every day, but donating during the Christmas rush will allow families to enjoy at least one Christmas meal during the holidays. If you do not have the money for the food or monetary donation, then donate your time. Being there to help sort and distribute food to families is just as important as giving the food itself.

Times are tough for everyone these days with so many people being out of work and many not making enough money to be able to provide for their families. We live in a country that is one of the richest anywhere and everyone deserves to be able to offer their family and children a happy Christmas. Children don't understand sometimes that times are hard; help them have something by donating to one of the above charities.