Female Rights in Islam

Certain female rights in Islam which can be discussed broadly are

   1. The right and duty to education: Islamic women have been provided with the right to gain education with equal stature of men. They can attend any school they wish or hall in Madarasaa some of which are specially started for the women or can seek education along with men in these madarasaa.
   2. Right to independent property: there are some issues related to this tight in some Islamic countries where Women are forbidden to have their independent property but this right was originally provided to all Islamic women considering their social position.
   3. The right to earn: earning money for family or for herself is a prime constituent of female rights in Islam. As when she can get education she can implement her education to get employed and to earn money.
   4. Right to Express and be Heard: Islam has provided equal right to women among men to express their views and the Prophets or maullavis are ordered to listen them before giving any verdict so the faulty will be prosecuted. This law has proved helpful in talaaq where both the parties are heard before giving any statement.
   5. Right to obtain divorce: females in Islam have given equal rights for getting divorce from their better halves on any moral grounds. Although this part is always dominated by the men but women have equal share or rights.
   6. Custody of children after divorce: she has granted to keep the children after divorce which is considered minor. Although if husband wish to keep children mutual understanding is necessary or the option of court case is open for both the parties.
   7. Right to keep her property; in case of divorce she is allowed to keep the property which is on her own name, not by any means husband has right to ask a share in the property unless she voluntarily agrees to part with some of the property.
   8. To refuse marriage: in most of the cases Islamic women have not left choices to refuse the marriage but female rights in Islam states that women can refuse or deny any marriage which she thinks is again her consent.
   9. Right of election and Political rights: any Islamic women can participate in any political parties, public affairs and rallies and can apply for nominations as well can propose her candidature for election.