Great Mosque, Xian Trip

The Great Mosque may be hard to find but it is worth seeking out which by the way is half the fun in visiting it. It is one of the oldest and most renowned mosques in China.

Reasons to go there

It is a beautiful mosque. It is really well worth a sightseeing trip to see the Great Mosque, not only for its centuries-old history but also for its particular design of mixed architecture - traditional Muslim and Chinese styles. The architecture is amazing and the courtyards are very charming.

The mosque is located in a narrow alleyway that is filled with vendors selling souvenirs of all sorts. It is one of the most interesting sights in Xian.

Helpful Tips

The Great Mosque is the only open to visitors from 8 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. Non-Muslims, however, are not admitted to the main prayer hall or during times of prayer.

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How to get there

The Great Mosque of Xian is located near the Drum Tower (Gu Lou) on Huajue Lane. It is nestled between alleyways behind the Muslim Street. It usually takes some time to find it. But we found it without a guide, though.

Additional Infos

Occupying an area of over 12,000 square meters, the Great Mosque (also known as Grand Mosque) is divided into four courtyards, 250 meters long and 47 meters wide with a well-arranged layout. Landscaped with gardens, the further one strolls into its interior, the more serene one feels.

The Great Mosque was added to the UNESCO Islamic Heritage List in 1985.

Photos of the Great Mosque

We posted all our photos of the Great Mosque of Xian []. Travel Xian! You will always remember your trip to Xian.

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