Increase Your Intuition With Three Simple Exercises

Why is it that some people have a very strong sense of intuition, while others do not? Intuition is an innate ability. We are all born with it, and yet some of us go through life never listening to the invaluable advice our intuition has to offer.

I believe it helps to think of intuition as a muscle. It is stronger or weaker in people depending on how often they use it, and how they use it. Runners have stronger leg muscles than non runners. Speed skaters have different stronger leg muscles than runners. The good news is, like any muscle, intuition can be strengthened with exercise.

Try these fun and simple exercises to strengthen your intuition. There is no pass or fail on these exercises. It is simply about giving your intuition a workout.

Who is it?

Each time the phone rings, ask yourself who it is before you answer the phone. Let a name pop into your head. This aids in developing your intuition's predictive abilities.

If someone else in your household is answering the phone, ask yourself the same question before they answer it. Then, as an added twist, pay attention to their words, tone and body language to figure out who it is. Intuition is also about being super aware of the clues in your environment.

I Wonder

Look for opportunities to make predictions. No, not earthquakes and plagues of locusts; really simple predictions.

Here are two I like to try:

I wonder which elevator with open first?

I wonder how many more buses will pass before mine arrives?

Pay attention to not only words that pop into your head, but sensations. For example, when I play the elevator guessing game, I feel a tingling sensation in the part of my body closest to the arriving elevator.

What are they feeling?

You can do this exercise on the bus during your daily commute, at the mall, or anywhere else you are exposed to people you do not know.

Look at someone and ask yourself what they are feeling. Then let your mind go blank until a word pops into your head describing their emotional state, or you feel an emotion that you know is not yours.

You will not be able to verify if this is what they are really feeling, because it would be rather strange to walk up and ask them. However, this exercise will strengthen your ability to accurately tune into the emotional states of your family and friends.

Make it a habit to exercise your intuition on a daily basis. You will soon have a very strong intuition that regularly provides you with excellent advice.

Eliza Fayle believes all women over forty are fun, intelligent, sexy, and real. Through Silver & Grace, as an magazine editor, jewelry designer, and intuitive mentor, she guides women as they shine the light on all four of these qualities.