Polar Shift of Planet Earth in 2012

Many prophecies have been made concerning the end of the world as we know it happening in the year 2012. One possible occurrence that NASA has been conducting studies about is a possible polar shift of the planet. The earth seems to be going through changes that are creating more and more disastrous events in both extreme weather and earthquake intensity. Although indirectly, NASA conducts research in many areas of earths make up as well as our solar system. Some of this research gives us clues as to possible reasons that these disastrous events are unfolding on earth today. Could a massive dwarf star, (Nibiru or Planet X) be aligning with other astral bodies in our solar systems that are causing this effect on the planet? There are many who think that this is indeed happening, and this is the cause of the end of world 2012 prophecies. At this time there is no scientific data that supports this theory and as such cannot be regarded as true or correct. There are many factors that one has to look at before claims of planetary a shift in the magnetic poles happening in 2012 is possible. The scientists have presented the following information on this particular topic:

Our north and south poles are determined by the direction of spin of the earth's inner core. The inner core is made up of iron and hot magma that spins creating a magnetic action that defines our geomagnetic poles. Our planets polarity, of north and south as remained in a constant state for quite some time now. There have been indications that polar shifts have occurred in the past and it is possible that the earth could be past due for a shift in the poles. The last time a polar shift occurred on the earth was over three hundred thousand years ago. Studies have indicated that the earth shifts on its polar axis about every three hundred thousand years. This does tend to indicate the earth is past due for a polar shift. Is 2012 the year this occurs? Will 2012 be the year the new polar shift occurs? Will this be the end of the world? The planet could have a polar shift quite suddenly and unexpectedly as it is overdue.

NASA does state that a shift in the poles are indeed possible, they do not believe that these shifts may occur as abruptly as others are claiming. NASA has been studying earth as well as all other heavenly bodies and is considered to be trusted experts in this area. Any doomsday prophecies or end of the world statements are deemed to be lacking the scientific evidence to be considered or proven as solid truth. Further research needs to be conducted before claims that an immediate destruction of the earth cause by a polar shift can be considered possible. Catastrophic effects causing the end of the world in 2012 by a polar shift or even the sun is very unlikely to occur.