What Is Intuition?

Intuition is our 'inner voice' in our body and soul. In fact, intuition is a unique process where it gives us the heads up and ability to know something without using any analytical or critical thinking. Intuition usually comes when we are subconscious and intuition usually comes in a form of feeling or gut. Intuition can also be considered a form of feeling which can save life, money and even time.

One of the things we can do to encourage intuition is simple by practicing meditation. Meditating in a quiet and peaceful place will encourage emotions and feelings to flow freely. Meditating in a solitary place is one of the steps to an imperative part of finding and retaining the building block of intuition. Meditating doesn't only allow us to relax but at the same time, allowing our inner self to surface and thus, creating a path for intuition to perform itself.

As intuition cannot be forced, it is always advised that we would need to provide ourselves with enough space and time for intuition to take place. Intuition can also happen when we are open to ourselves and the surroundings. When we are ready and open, we tend to be able to look at another point of view. This generates the possibility of intuition to occur in our daily lives. Our subconscious is always talking to us. Therefore, when we are open to possibilities, we are able to gain a higher chance of intuition.

Besides that, writing down notes on information regarding a dream, flash or even feeling is good as this will enable us to analyze what the intuition was all about. In fact, writing allows the truth to come forth and it is an easy way to gain an insight from your inner self.

Another method to encourage intuition is by being creative such as drawing, painting, dancing and designing to name a few. Allow yourself to enjoy the activity you are doing as creativity is an expression of your soul and goes perfectly well with intuitive guidance.

Intuition has its disadvantages and one of the biggest disadvantages is intuition does not guarantee success especially in decision making. As intuition is a form of feeling and trust, there are chances of failure and if this is not well taken care of, one might easily get hurt or fail to accomplish the matter.

In a nutshell, intuition can be say that it is the ability to process information not only the surrounding information but also information from the past, experience and creative thinking in order to guide us in making great decisions.