Round Up! Some etsy faves

Today was supposed to be "tutorial tuesday"

But I got super excited about showing you all my arrow head necklace DIY yesterday that I totally lost track of days.

it happens.

So now tutorial tuesday moved to monday and friday faves moved to tuesday.

Are ya with me?

I know, my head hurts too.

Here are some of my favorite etsy round ups that is going to cause homegirl's paypal account to shrink down even more.

So Julie is in my top 10 favorite people of all time. I got to meet her a few months back at a lil bloggy get together. She's super adorable & also has a potty mouth like me. Seriously, check out her shop, her cards are "the ish".

so erika added a TON of new modern purses to her shop, and I honestly have no clue which I want to buy next (and by "buy" I mean stealthily sending Bub links to erika's shop so he can get me one for our anniversary) (I'm super easy like that) (you are welcome bub)

it's funny, I am so not into dangle earrings at all, but these are speaking to me. They are saying "Leonora you need to rock these so fierce that your ears fall off"

Thanks earrings, I do rock things pretty fiercely don't I?

I'm a HUGE on telling everyone to follow their dreams and goals. Andrea and I go way back (ok, by way back I mean, like, a year, but still...) I own so many of her blocks. The craftsmanship is amazeballs and her sayings rock. Also? Her prices are super reasonable, go shop there. Now. You have my permission.

I had no clue hardware could be so cute, consider my life changed from this moment on forever.

no words. need.

Umm, I think you guys can see a common color theme starting to form here...what? I really like mint, ok? I think it's because its named after something edible and I really enjoy eating a ton.

What are some of your faves lately? Link 'em below!