If you guys have been following me on twitter you have seen me hinting about a deal I am going to run on our Facebook page.


This print is a limited edition piece of art that will NOT be sold in my shop on etsy! You can only get it if you are a facebook fan.

Each print will be signed and numbered by me.

Oh wait, it gets better.

8x10 prints in my shop are sold at a retail value of $20.

This limited edition print is going for $7.50 on my facebook page! (Plus $2 for shipping)
Hey, why is this deal so frekkin good?
Because you guys have been SO GOOD to me!
Since January 2011 Yellow Heart Art has accomplished:
• over 600 sales on etsy
• a TON of freelance work!
 • We got accepted as a vendor to Renegade Craft Fair
• Featured in Every Day with Rachael Ray Magazine,  Etsy's Official emails, Etsy's facebook page, The Huffington Post, Apartment Therapy (.com), RUE Magazine and more!
• We have now exceeded 1,000 facebook fans and 1,000 twitter followers!

Basically, what I'm saying is, with out all of YOU GUYS getting the word out there about Yellow Heart Art no one would even know about us. So as a THANK YOU for you guys being so kick ass I decided to make a print that is only available to my awesome friends :)

Want one of these exclusive prints? Snatch one up here! BUT HURRY supplies are SUPER limited, its a first come first serve basis!