I'm Sucha Doll

I had the opportunity to meet Jordan Grace Owens at Renegade Craft Fair this past June.

In case you're unfamiliar with her, she makes these super awesome paper doll illustrations of people.

Her style is is unlike anything I've seen before. I recruited her to make some dolls of the bubs and I for my future art studio.

the best part? Our little dolls have moveable limbs, so bubs and I can hold hands! (or, ya know, strangle each others necks when we're in a scuffle, whichever) (just kidding about the strangling thing) (maybe) (no but seriously)

Contrary to what it looks like I promise bub isn't wearing an over sized adult onesie, he's really sporting his Air Force Flight suit and I told Jordan to throw me in something "artsy".

nailed it.