What I wore, Arm Party Edition


You might have remembered a few weeks back Ilene and I talkin' bout an arm party the 2 of us were hosting.

Long story short we thought it would be a fun "summer camp activity" for a bunch of bloggers out there to make some friendship bracelets for each other and then swap 'em!

We then asked everyone to link up their arm party posts today so we can see how everyone's bracelets came out!

My partner was Ilene, look at how much she spoiled me!

I believe I'M ready for an arm party ;)

how cute are her note cards?

 that's what she said ;)

Look what I paired my arm bling with!

necklace - supposedly J.Crew, nabbed this suckah for 14 bucks on ebay, necklace goes for $150, boom goes the dynamite baby.
Dress: old navy (I know, I was shocked too)
Arm Bling: Ilene ;)

I absolutely love how Ilene made my arm party bracelets! She jacked up a typical friendship bracelet by sewing rhinestones into them.

She also included an original Much Love, Illy headband and a pair of hot pink sunglasses! I have met this girl in fo realz life a few months back, and let me tell you she is JUST as gorgeous and uh-may-zing in person. Although I think her only down fall is that shes a total cover hog ;) also when the 2 of us get together we exude this awesome aura called "absolute gangsta"

in case you were doubting said aura here is a photo to prove it. I mean if wearing a glittery star crown made out of glitter, pipe cleaners and cardboard doesn't scream "thug life" then nothing does.

She has a HUGE heart and I know we will be besties for life. Whenever we talk most of our sentences end in "omg ME TOO!", we are pretty much the same person.

Also didja notice I got some bangs? I have a huge love/hate relationship with them. No joke ask me in 10 minutes how I feel about having bangs, you will never get the same answer outta me.

Right now I'm on Team Bangs, but I'm sure tomorrow I'll be googling "how does one grow out hair at super sonic human speed"

and by the way, these will soon be the "before" shots, homegirl has not 1, not 2, not 3 but 4 frekkin weddings next year to go to. In NY you go big or go home when it comes to this stuff, so I am determined to fit into all my cocktail dresses by then.

It's gonna happen and you all are holding me accountable.

Got it?


Oh and those hot pink sunglasses? There is a story behind them...but more on that later ;)

Now let's see what kind of arm swag you all got! Link up to your posts below, they will show up on mine AND Ilene's blogs!

Some rules and things:

• Please link to your actual POST not your BLOG
• The post must be about the arm party swap, any posts about your giveaway or handmade shop etc. will be deleted
•  please use the following button below to spread the word and link back to both mine and ilene's blogs so people know what this swap is all about :)
• have fun with it! Please make sure to shout out to your partner in your blog post