SHOTTS! Sisterhood Of The Traveling Sunglasses

So a few months back I had the opportunity to meet some uh-may-zing ladies in the flesh at a creative conference.

New friendships were instantly formed and it was as if we had all known each other since, like, kindergarten or something.

We knew we wanted some way to stay connected to each other, we briefly thought about a blood pact but the idea of cutting our skin and shaking hands seems so barbaric, so Ilene had this brilliant idea of doing SHOTTS (no, not like the lil john/LMFAO song) (erryboday!) (shots shots shots shots shots shots) (do you all know that song?) (no?) (ok awesome)

Anyway SHOTTS stands for "Sister Hood Of The Traveling Sunglasses".

Ilene got some obnoxiously bright pink sunglasses for us to all wear for a week and take on an adventure with us.

You can see where Ilene took her sunnies ovah hea.

So, I'll admit, I did have a moment of panic when I was presented with these amazingly pink shades.

"Where the HECK am I supposed to go with these?! I sit at a desk 40 hours a week, I guess I can show people the awesome vending machine at work…I think the guy is coming this week to add some more skittles so thats perfect timing. I think they're the new tropical kind anyway. People like tropical skittles"

Then it hit me

Duh Leonora you're going to Frekkin Ireland in a few weeks.


sometimes I facepalm myself when I forget that I am doing something epic like, leaving this continent or something.

So I packed up my bright pink shades and the 2 of us headed off to Ireland!

 See anything wrong with this picture? I'm on the driver side, but I'm missing a steering wheel. Good thing bub has one on the passenger side though. 

By the way, driving on the left side of the road? Terrifying.

But, he's got this folks, don't let that concerned look of "ok well, I guess this is how we're gonna die" look on his face confuse you.

 oh hey there creepy haunted castle in the background--how YOU doin'? 

Also I totally suck at jumping photos. I blame the Ireland air, its not like the air here in New York.


oh, oh that thing behind me? Just St. Patrick's Cathedral.

Now these shades now need to brace the faces of 3 other ladies!

There's this rad red head who makes some gangsta totes who is over in Seattle
There is this awesome little mama representin' CA who likes to re-live some old 90s culture (snap bracelets anybody?)
then there's this bodacious chick who just recently quit her day job to pursue her art full time.

Which one of the 3 will get them next? ;)