How I Make Pretty Things

So a few months back I met Julie at a creative conference. Since then we have declared ourselves besties and keep in touch frequently. She had brought this journal with her, and when she opened it up I was all like "wait a sec…I recognize that!"

Julie has this shop called Julie Ann Art. She makes handmade cards for any and all occasions (yep, even for bed hogs and candy corn haters)

I always thought she used a font to make her cards (I mean, its just so precise!) but when she opened up that journal I saw all her cards in "hand drawn" format and was just blown away at her creative process.

I think she needs to make a font and call it "Julie Ann" (I know, I am just so creative here, I should be on her marketing team or something)

I thought it would be fun to also share some of my creative process.
Even though I do have a lot of typography art in my shop I also have a decent amount of illustrations too.

Now for the most part I free hand these illustrations on the computer, but sometimes I need a little help and make a doodle as a jumping off point (side note: how fun is it to say the word "doodle"? My tongue feels like its doing the samba everytime I say it) (Doodle doodle doodle)

I know, for some reasons all my doodles look like they have fur. I can not draw in clean crisp lines.

Once I have my doodle down I upload that sucker to the computer and clean it up and "de-furry-fy" it.

Then all this designer magic happens and it turns into something like this


Whats your creative process?


ps-also in cased you missed it I am giving away a ton of Yellow Heart Art loot over here, and there are 3 winners (I know, we can bear hug me later)