Holiday Gift Guide! The DIY Lover

I love a good DIY. But a lot of times I get turned off the with idea of buying supplies in bulk just to make ONE item out of it. I always end up having a decent amount of supplies left over.

So, for the "do it yourself-er" this holiday season I compiled some really fun DIY kits!

1. Make your own wave Tote Bag! By Brooklyn Assembly
Thank you tote bag gods for creating a CUTE and FUNCTIONAL tote bag. You no longer have to use the itchy freebie that your local library gave you. You are welcome.

2. Make you own cheese kit by Urban Cheese Craft
I am a sucker for really cute packaging and cheese.

3. Make your own Kaleidoscope by Urban Outfitters
Few things, I had to spell check "kaleidoscope" like 30 times b/c there was no way girlfriend was getting that word right no the 1st time. Also? The fact that you can jazz up a toilet paper tube with some bling is pretty rad in my book. A+ urban outfitters.

4. Make your own Sunography Prints
I actually own this  kit, it takes photography back into its most archaic form. Its actually kinda refreshing to not have to "upload" your photos to anything and print them out. You take an object, leave it on top of the supplied paper, let it expose itself to sunlight, then once you remove the object it leaves a white silhouette of it behind on the paper. Kids, you can now capture Peter Pan's shadow.

What gifts are you giving everyone this year?