The Book of Awesome, Day 1

Fun fact about me: I love buying little itty bitty cute journals. Other fun fact: I think they are just too frekkin cute to ruin the inside with my non-sensical scribbles.

Its a vicious cycle really. I want to fill those pages with doodles or thoughts but after doing it for, like, a day I get unmotivated and stop.

I came across this pin on pinterest (unfortunately its a photo from tumblr with no source) where someone suggested for the new year write on a piece of paper something awesome that has happened to you, stick it in a jar, then at the end of 2013 read all the pieces of paper and look back on the year.

I love this idea, but didn't want a ton of loose paper lying around. So I dug up my 30 cute journals and decided to start a "book of awesome" tradition.

Basically its where I jot down one quick thing that has happened to me that day that was awesome. I am not going to do it everyday, only when something really big happens.

• got a ha-uge camera plush order from Sony
• Bub surprised me with my fav. flavor of ice cream

you get the idea. what would your book of awesome say?