I'm A...and He's A...

My bud Erika posted this really cute post about her and the hubs and how they are total opposites.

It got me thinking about Bub and I. Him and I are completely different yet we make it work :)

I'm a Mac, He's a PC (It makes me cringe putting the letters "P" and "C" together, this shows you how much I love him)

I'm a tall light caramel frappucino hold the whip, He's a regular cup of coffee.

I'm Penna a la Vodka, he's steak and potatoes

I play with glitter and paint, he plays with power tools and sawdust

I'm TLC, he's History Channel

I'm a blanket hog, he's a bed hog

I'm pale, he's tan

I take pictures of abandoned buildings, he takes pictures of planes

I'm a planner, he just goes with it

I make art, he makes a mess

I'm swedish fish, he's kit kats

I hate flying, he's in the airforce

I love him, he loves me (oh hey look we got one!)

Thank you Erika for the inspiration for this post! Love ya boo ;) (Yeah, I call Erika boo, its our thang)


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