My Handmade Picks, Win an Etsy Gift Card and More!

You guys are gonna be so stoked over the giveaway I have for you!

Maria from I Believe in Story is hooking you guys up with a ton of loot. Maria's blog highlights the inspiration and influence in literature in all of its forms. She is a total sweet heart and also has a soft spot for Dawson's Creek (any chick who analyzes the Creek is an A Plus in my book)

I had a chance to ask her some totally strange and really random questions, check 'em out!

• Which would you rather have: A hover craft or the ability to fly on command?
Fly on command. I can't think of anything that would be as exciting. Imagine being able to fly above your city and take in all of the sights. There's a reason why birds are the symbols of freedom!

• If tomorrow was your birthday, what kind of swag would be on your birthday list?
A record player. I have this ridiculous habit of collecting vintage vinyls even though I don't have a record player. I keep telling myself to buy one - and then coming up with an excuse not to (which usually has something to do with paying bills or buying groceries). Maybe this year will be the year!

• What is your go-to word when describing something fab-o-licious? 
Awesome. I wanted to come up with a better answer, but nothing else came to mind. I'll blame my lackluster word choice on Barney Stinson.

• Something new you want to try out in the next few months?
Opening an Etsy store. It's something I have always wanted to do and I am finally forcing myself to make it happen. I have a tentative opening date set in mind and, until then, I am working on creating awesome products, coming up with packaging/mailing materials, and writing a well-structured business plan. Wish me luck!


Thanks Maria!

Wanna see what she is giving all you lovely Yellow Heart Art readers this week??


a $25 Etsy Gift Card!

Their choice of book from Maria's Recent blog post review


Any Wooden Necklace from Yellow Heart Art!

Here are some of my Etsy Favorites that I would spend that gift card on!


want in? Just do the rafflecopter prompts below! Giveaway open for 1 week :) U.S. Residents only please!

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