Oops...I did it again

Ha after writing the blog title to this post I started to hum to myself "I'm not that innocent...oops I did it again to your hAaaaAart...." (Brit and I go way back guys)

Anyway, here's the thing about being a graphic designer. Its a frekkin curse and a blessing.

Blessing: I get to create pieces of art from scratch using my imagination.

Curse: I can not for the life of me pick my own frekkin brand style.

sigh, so I did it again. I changed up my brand *one more time*

BUT I am proud of myself because I didn't veer too far off track here, I still kept the same font in the word "ART" as well as some arrow/geometic elements and my signature crisp heart.

So, props for that? No? No props? I'll also take high 5s and a stale doughnut (oh yeah spoiler alert: I re-started weight watchers, so I would do anything right now for a slab of cheese and a milk shake) (do you hear me? Anything) (so stale doughnuts are welcomed)


somebody, anybody, please make me stop? I always do this to myself when I have, like, 1,000 business cards on hand full of old branding *face palm*