Some Hearts For You!

Valentines day is almost here! I wanted this weeks friday freebie to include something "valentines day appropiate"

I hope you all dig hearts.

Multi Hearts Background for iPhone 4 and all other smartphones

Multi Hearts Background for iPhone 5 and all other smartphones

Just open up this blog post on your phone, tap the image with your finger (so it opens at full size) then press and hold and save it to your phone's camera roll! Please remember these are for personal use only, let's all play nice and use them for just that :) artwork can not be copied, used or produced.
Also to stick with our valentines day theme today I think I'll share a very sweet and romantic conversation that Bubs and I had the other day

Bubs: We don't have a song, right?
Me: *blinks*
Bubs: *cringe*
Me: Naw Steve, we've just been dating for 5 years but we don't have a song or 3.
Bubs: I knew immediately when those words left my mouth that I was going to regret asking this. Why do I do these things to myself?
Me: I'm not saying you have to show up tomorrow with a dozen yellow roses and some swedish fish, but I am saying that I wouldn't hate it.