Works in Progress Logo Design

I haven't shared any freelance work on here in a while! For the time being I have kept my freelance list super small as I try to keep building my Spring 2013 collection for Yellow Heart Art (exciting alert: The collection launches this week!)

I had to opportunity to work with Fabiane, a german blogger whose starting up a wedding blog overseas (my job is so cool I am able to work with people all over the world)

Her blog name is "Humming Heartstrings" and loved the idea of her logo design being whimsical, flowy and girly.

She showed me her website color palette and used that as my jumping point. I also played off the word "heartstrings" by literally placing some hearts on a string and "tying" them up on some letters!

Once Fabiane saw it she felt like the colors were too close to her website design. She also picked out a new font to use. So I re-worked it and came up with these 2 versions for Fabiane to choose from for her new wedding blog.
 Did I ever mention how much I love my job? Cause I do.