Learning a New Hobby

I have always been into art. When I found out that I could participate in an online water color class I knew I wanted to be a part of it. Plus, for only $20 I had zero excuse to not join. I also might have been hoarding water color paints, papers and brushes for 7 years waiting for the *right* moment to bust those bad boys out (confession alert: My name is Leonora and I am a craft hoarder. Go on, ask me how many pounds of clay I have. Then ask me if I even own a kiln to fire said clay. I mean, nuking it in your microwave gives it the same results, right?)

So, with a marathon of Say Yes to the Dress playing in the background I dusted off my 10 year old water colors (ok, I might have lied when I said they were 7 years old...) and created my first fashion water color pieces.

the verdict? In to the love.

a little tip if you wanna get into water colors: they are super tricky to work with. You have to work backwards and go from light to dark. Don't worry, its going to go through a massive "ugly phase" just push through and keep layering and layering. Also, it will never be "perfect" since water colors are so loose. So ya gotta go into it with that in your mind.

I can't wait to hang these in my peach, gold and gray inspired studio! (oh hey, thats right, I may or may not have a studio soon but more on that later ;) )


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