Works in Progress, From "Olive" Us

I haven't done a works in progress post in a while. I was contacted by Eryn on Etsy about creating a custom stamp for her. Her daughter's name is Olive and she wanted something to stamp onto cards and packages that said "From Olive Us". She originally wanted it in a thought bubble but I had a different idea in mind...

(yes, I know, this stamp makes me want to go down to the social security office right now and change my name to Olive too just so I can use this bad boy) (Just call me Olive Jennifer, the artist formally known as Leonora Jennifer the 3rd) (just kidding guys there is no "3rd" Leonora) (just threw that in there to sound legit) (moving on)

Oh, and that awesome card? I gave it to my blanket hogging friend Ilene and my friend Julie makes and sells them!

Ya dig?