"Uncommonly" Awesome News for Yellow Heart Art!

You guys, I have some crazy exciting news for Yellow Heart Art. One personal goal of mine was to have one of my products sold in a well known retail store (I'm looking at you Target)

3 days ago Uncommon Goods contacted me letting me know that they would love to potentially sell one of my prints in their shop! The way uncommon goods works is that they are all about pleasing the public. They always have a round of "judging" to see if people dig the items they are looking into putting into their shop. If the items score high then they get to be sold in their market place!

So enter shameless self promoting here: I would love it if you guys can help get my art sold at Uncommon Goods by voting for me! The polls are open till April 17th, I would appreciate any and all support from you all! Here is the print they are thinking about selling

You can vote over here! I wish I could give you all like a new car or something for helping a sister out, but how bout a virtual high 5 and a video of me uploaded to you tube dancing the Gangham style instead? Yeah? Maybe? Come ooonnnn who wouldn't love seeing that? Answer: Nobody.

ALSO YOU CAN VOTE AS MANY TIMES AS YOU LIKE so I would love it if you don't mind coming back every once a while and thumbs upping me some more!

By the way if you would like to share the voting link on your facebook or twitter to get the word out I would love that! Thank you again!! **BEAR HUGS**