Life Lately, Going Over Board in a Barrel?

This past weekend Bubs and I road tripped it up to Canada (eh?) to check out the falls and to celebrate my birthday! (My birthday is actually today, waddup year 29, how YOU doin?)

Sunglasses: Target
Red Pea Coat: Target
Thin Plastic Poncho that provided zero protection from Mist: c/o Niagara Falls Tourism 
Awesome Expression on my Face: c/o me

LOVING the fact that Bub and I are fortunate enough to live fairly close enough to Niagara Falls that we were able to road trip it up there for the weekend.

THANKFUL I am no longer stuck in a car for 7 hours. My ass is also thankful for this as well.

LETTING everyone know that we are not engaged, pinky promise you will know when it happens.

EMBRACING the fact that this is the last year in my 20's. Bring it 29, we're gonna go hard.

REALIZING that by applying a top coat of glitter polish to your nails that it makes your color last, like, way longer. It also sort of makes you look like the missing 6th member of the spice girls, but its ok. For longer lasting polish I'm all for this (spice up your life) (is "crafty spice" up for grabs? If not I'll take "pasty spice" as a runner up)

STOKED that I get to eat my mom's home made ice cream birthday cake for my birthday later. Yes, you read that right. I'm on this new diet called "eat ALL THE THINGS you can till you're engaged", so far its going really well.

awright folks I'm off to quickly get through this 8 hour work day so I can hurry and celebrate my birthday with my family! muah!

ooo and PS-tomorrow Erika and I reveal our new collaboration! It's kinda awesome...ok it's really awesome ;)