Affordable Home Decor Makes Me Feel All Special and Junk

It's no surprise now that Bubs and I bought a new home. Do you know how easy it is to go all "WEEEEE BUY ALLLLL THE THIIIIIINGS!" while running rampant in home goods and tossing everything into my cart?

So my inner voice always kicks in at this point and she's usually a buzz kill. She tells me things like "Don't stick your finger in that cake and lick the icing" "Don't jump in that puddle you'll make funky noises with your socks every time you walk" and "Don't buy all that shit in your cart homegirl now has a mortgage" 

Screw you inner voice. Don't you ever take vacation days or something? Who works 24-7.

Get outta here.

So while stalking one of my favorite blogs, Apartment Therapy, I came across some information that is completely and totally life changing.

H&M now has a home decor line.

**angels sing**

And not only do they have a home decor collection--the collection can now BE BOUGHT ONLINE.

I give you permission to stand out of your computer chair and do the slow clap to H&M right now.

Granted I don't know what direction I want to go with my house quite yet, but as of right now these items are really high contenders.  By the way I am no way affiliated with H&M, I just wanted to share with you guys some fun conversation pieces that you can add to your home that's affordable but not farty looking.

What style trends are you using in your home this year?


in case you missed it: I am getting some surgery done that insurance will not cover (you can read more about that here) so right now all purchases from my shop on etsy are going towards any medical bills I have, here is one of my new prints that I designed that was inspired by my latest news