I Wanna Live Here

This past weekend the Bubs and I went biking to fire island (it's an island off of Long Island). You can take a ferry there but we were all like "oh hey, let's just bike it!" 


according to google maps it's a 3.5 mile bike ride, which in theory wouldn't be so bad if a good 1 of those 3.5 miles wasn't a long stretch of soft sand that you had to walk your bike through.

But it was worth it, we had a great day. The town was really cute and I managed to ONLY get sunburn on the tops of my hands.

There was also this little girl in town wheeling around a wagon full of hand painted sea shells yelling "BUY THREE GET ONE FREEEEEE!" So I handed her one of my Yellow Heart Art business cards and told her to call me in 15 years. I can really use her marketing skills on my team then. I like to start 'em young.