He Asked Me, So I Asked Them (They Said Yes!)

A few of you have asked how I asked my bridesmaids to be a part of mine and Bub's wedding day. I had to wait to show you guys since I wanted to try to ask all my girls in person. It was hard meeting up with everyone so I had to ask the girls over the course of a month.

I created a yarn pom pom flower for the top of the package (to add a lil umph) inside the box was a felt fortune cookie with a fortune inside of it and 2 4x6 prints. One print was the color palette (which I'm sure will change a bagillion and one times before 2015 rolls around) and the other being a list of "vows" for the girls to "vow to me" (don't worry I didn't go all bridezilla, it's all fun things like "help me hold up my dress for what I gotta...ya know... or to reassure me that my bustle does not make my butt look big even though it totally does) (I'm thinking of adding them to the shop)

The fortune inside the cookie read "will you be my bridesmaid?" I added a little pull tab for one of 2 reasons. 1: it's cute. and 2: if they really tried to open the cookie it would be hard to get it back into its cute cookie shape.

If you want a tutorial for the fortune cookie you can use this tutorial here (SIDE NOTE: If you are stumbling on my blog, like, a year from now and the link for the fortune cookie no longer works please dont stalk me via email and ask  me to "find the broken link". If someone removes their blog post for the tutorial I can't magically POOF find it. Just google "felt fortune cookie how to". You're welcome, from "future" Leonora)

In case you were wondering, they all said yes ;)

How did you ask your bridesmaids?