So Much Explaining

So, life has been crazy hectic lately. Some of you probably noticed I have fallen slightly off the business/blog radar.

Life started to get a bit out of control the second Bub proposed. We were in the "OMG WE'RE, LIKE, FINALLY ENGAGED!" honeymoon la-la-land phase.

Two weeks later we hoped on a pane for Texas for a week to see his brother marry the love of his life.

We got home, I had to get my front tooth (yes *front* tooth) filed down so get fitted for a temporary bridge. I recovered from that. ("filed down" is putting it nicely. It was more like cutting my tooth in half and choking on chunks of tooth that were splintering off and getting stuck down my throat. It was disgusting and terrible)

1 week later it was my turn to be in my besties wedding. I spent the week before running around back and forth to Nordstrom doing a ton of dress fittings since they made it too small (WHO makes a dress TOO SMALL?!) (just stick me in a high school classroom with no teeth and everyone laughing at me and this is the perfect storm for a real life nightmare) BUT with just the right amount of time (and fabric) left to spare they pulled through.

Shortly after that I had to get my front tooth pulled. The recovery took longer than expected and I was in pain for 10 days. My stitches were tight and uncomfortable and it was difficult to eat.

While recovering we got the really sad news that Bub's grandfather was not doing so well. In the past when we got this kind of news Pop always bounced back to a full recovery. This time it was different. We spent the week soaking up as much time with him as we can before he passed away.

Family flew into town to see Pop, so we opened our doors to them. At this point we were behind on laundry (8 loads to be exact) (and if you were wondering yes we had to resort to the underwear hidden at the bottom of the drawer that you hold onto in case of an emergency, but you would rather not wear) and hadn't gone food shopping in weeks. The house was a disaster and I had at this point completely fallen behind on all Yellow Heart Art orders since I was busy spending time with family during this sad time.

For a solid 6 weeks life has been non stop full speed ahead, and it's still going. We had to put wedding planning and our engagement photo shoot on the back burner for the time being because there were more important things in life to deal with at that moment in time.

So, I take a deep breath, and slap on that black goop that football players put under their eyes to be more intimidating (or whatever that black goop is for, does anyone know?) and tackle life.

They always say "when it rains, its pours" and whoever "they" are is right. So excuse me as I play the "catch up on every single aspect of my life" game.

**bangs head on floor**