Warning: Lovey Dovey Photos Ahead (Our Engagement Shoot)

We finally got our engagement pictures done! One of my bridesmaids, Courtney, rocks the camera like a vandal. She totally hooked a sistah up! I am so in love with these, thank you so much Courtney!

I am so happy with these! Bub was also stoked we incorporated his truck into our shoot. He loves that lil 'ol pick up truck so much, and I love him so it kinda works out ;)

Also that sweet wool capelet I'm wearing? That was the score of the century. It's a French Connection capelet that retailed for over $160, I scored it end of season 2 years ago for 9 bucks. It was one of those moments where you totally try to keep your composure at the cash register when the lady scans it and a single digit pops up. You worry that if you show too much shock they'll realize they did something wrong and that number magically gets multiplied by, like, 10. Virtual high 5s are welcomed and highly encouraged.

Boom. Retailed.

Now...who wants to plan our wedding while we go and eat ice cream?