5 Tips for Selecting an IPL Laser Hair Removal Technician

You want to go in for laser hair removal on some surface of your body, or perhaps on multiple surfaces of your body. You have the financial matters settled, and are just trying to figure out where to go for treatments. You may have many options in your area, but the following five qualifications will rule some of them out. Use this as a quick checklist to make sure you select the best technician possible.

1. Make sure to select a salon that specialized in laser hair removal, as they are more likely to have the experience required to do this procedure safely.

Experience and training is extremely important with all forms of laser treatment. You want to give your business to a salon that specializes in this form of beauty treatment, even if they do offer other services. This should be their primary service, rather than just one of many procedures available. If you cannot find this information out from their website, give the salon a call and ask a few questions. Get a feel for how knowledgeable they seem to be about IPL treatments in particular.

2. Make sure all regulations of the FDA are upheld by the establishment, so you are less likely to experience burning or blistering form the procedure.

A knowledgeable professional will understand all of the guidelines in place to protect consumers when going through laser treatments. They will know how to set up the handheld device and how to prepare the skin prior to treatment. This is how skin burns and potential failures of the treatments are avoided. The procedure is done correctly and within safe guidelines, so you are more likely to have a pleasant experience with the procedure. If you cannot find any note of FDA standards being kept on the website for a salon, there are plenty of others that do abide by these guidelines. Do not settle!

3. Ask the specific technician doing your hair removal about their training and experience with this specific procedure.

It is one thing to go on a salon's website and read about the number of years their technicians have been performing laser hair removal treatments. It is yet another thing to ask the technician actually working on your skin how much experience they have had with the treatment. This is very important, because you do not want someone with little experience and no training working on your skin. It is much better to have someone with some experience, so they know what they are doing. The only exception is the situation where someone new is working under the direct supervision and instruction of someone who is very skilled with the laser hair removal procedure.

4. Make sure you are permitted a consultation, where you can ask all of your questions and discuss the procedure to be performed.

You should always start out with a personal consultation with your technician. They need to look at your skin and make sure that you are well suited to the procedure. Some skin and hair types do not take very well to the procedure, while some may burn easier than others. You need to know if you are one of those people.

5. Check into any refund agreements, guarantees, or other promises offered by the salon prior to going through with the procedure.

A salon confident in their skills will offer some type of guarantee or refund agreement, just in case the procedure does not work or something goes wrong and your skin is burned.
You now have a complete checklist to grade the salons that are in your area! Use it wisely and protect your skin.

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