First Impressions: Your Hairstyle

Whether you are going to a job interview, business appointment, meeting the family of your new boyfriend or girlfriend, or going on a first date, not looking good can unfortunately cost you big! I know, I know, it's what's on the inside right? Well, yeah, to a degree that is true, but come on, let's face it folks, people judge you based on your looks initially.

So, what are some of the first things you notice about people upon seeing them/meeting them; and be honest? Well of course, the face, weight, teeth, but something very interesting about the face. New information shows that hair not only shapes the face, but can actually drastically change the way it looks to other people. So does this mean that with the right hairstyle that homely people can now experience the same benefits of attractive people? Well dang it if it does, because competition is going to skyrocket! (That was humor...kind of anyway!)

So, let's just say, you have perfect skin, I mean it's so nice you should be on a commercial splashing water on your face. Also, just for our little example, let's say you are in perfect shape from training with the most sought after trainer in town (Unfortunately all you eat now is grilled chicken in lettuce. Oh well, poor you!). You also had the best orthodontist in town as a child and have a smile that puts the people on the Crest commercials to shame. And since this is just a made up example, let's not forget about that great job you have...and a heart of gold (Let's not forget that! We can't sound too superficial here!) Well, upon meeting a potential partner on your first date, they might not ever get to the "heart of gold" part if your hair looks like a bad Flow-bee accident! Okay, my example was a little off, why you be using a Flow-bee if you had a great job? Forget it! Just read on!

So, what am I even saying here? Well obviously I'm saying that your hairstyle is very important whether it be in your personal life or business life. People size you up based on your looks, and your hair is a major part of your "looks". I am also saying take the time to find a hair stylist that is good for you. Find someone who knows how to cut your type of hair and has a track record. Don't cut corners when it comes to getting a haircut (Did you get the cheesy pun?), in other words, don't be cheap! You'll pay for it in other ways if you are a cheapo! So go ahead and take care of it all on the front end. Spend the money; get the quality haircut you need. It's a great investment!

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