Child Obesity

Child obesity can easily lead to adult obesity and last a lifetime! Studies have shown that men and women who were obese as children suffer an increase in sickness and premature death as adults.

Increases are particularly noted in the incidence of cardiovascular disease, colon cancer, diabetes, fatty liver, and kidney disease.

A larger than expected number of obese children become adults who rank lower than their peers in terms of income, education, freedom from poverty, and emotional stability.

The rationale for these findings is directly related to two issues: First: the majority of obese children and adolescents become obese, or overweight, adults.

(Bad habits can be very hard to break, so be very aware of your child's eating habits).

Also, this is likely because poor eating habits in childhood have carried over into adulthood, coupled with the already higher risk of disease because of predisposition resulting from childhood obesity.

Second: there appears to be an abnormal or irregular depositing of body fat during growth and development of an obese child.

This pattern can remain into adulthood.

These are adequate reasons for us to stamp out childhood obesity. However, there is a yet more compelling reason to do so.

The health of our overweight and obese children is also in jeopardy...right now, while they are still kids!

Fat kids have a higher incidence of diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and triglycerides, changes in bone metabolism and hormone regulation, fatty liver, sleep apnea, neurological deficit, gall stones, depression and self-esteem issues...and these are only some of the risks!

Children gain weight for the same reasons that adults do...intake of more calories (food) than is necessary for the proper functioning of the body. The excess calories are laid down as fat tissue.

In order to achieve and maintain caloric balance, your child must learn lifestyle habits that will maximize the likelihood of wellness for a lifetime.

Lifestyle changes that will result in weight loss have to do with fewer calories and more exercise...period!

Don't buy into fad diets for yourself or your children. You all need to eat "normal food" together. Don't consider pills or programs that require you to eat separately from the rest of your family. How long is that going to last? Even if you lose weight, what happens when you go back to a regular diet? The weight will come right back...that's what will happen.

Please read all you can to get whatever information you need to take parental responsibility before it's too late for your child. Remember, he/she is not mature enough to make the proper choices to achieve or maintain weight control.

Until next time!

Does your child need to lose weight?

A trained Nutritionist developed the correct food plan for you and your family.

You, or your child, have nothing to lose (whoops! Yes you do.) when you make the decision to follow this logical eating plan.

Sue Bristol, R.N.