Feeling Good - 10 Great Tips

Imagine what it would be like if you could feel great when ever you wanted to no matter what was going on in your life. What would it be like if you could feel excited just by using your imagination.

How are you feeling right now? Are you feeling good or are you feeling bad. Either way, you can change how you feel fairly quickly. Did you know that the way you feel is determined by the thoughts you have. If you have mostly negative thoughts then you will mostly have a negative mood. If on the other hand you have mostly good thoughts then you will be in a happy positive mood most of the time. Did you know that you have the ability to have the thoughts that you want. So why choose negative thoughts when you can have positive thoughts that make you feel good.

Here are ten thoughts you can have that will make you feel great. Go through these exercises and notice how you feel.

1: Calm and relaxed.

Think of a time when you felt calm and relaxed. If you can't remember a specific time, just imagine a situation where you would be calm and relaxed. Think about where you were you were, and what you were doing. Now imagine being there now. Imagine seeing what you were seeing, hearing what you were hearing, and feeling how relaxed you were feeling, and breath the way you were breathing. Notice where the feeling of relaxation is in your body. Now spend a few minutes or longer if you want closing your eyes and enjoying that relaxing feeling. Close your eyes and enjoy the moment.

2: Excitement.

Can you remember a time when you were excited? Could be a Christmas morning when you were a child, a time you went on holiday, a great night out or something else. Have you got one. Good. Now again imagine stepping into yourself and seeing through your eyes as you experience this excitement again. Hear what you sere hearing, and feel what you were feeling. Now make the colours brighter and richer, make the picture bigger, make the sounds louder and clearer, and let that feeling of excitement intensify. Notice where the feeling of excitement is strongest in your body. Give the feeling a colour, and move that colour up to the top of your head, and down to the tip of your toes. Double the brightness, multiply the brightness by ten. Do this a few times, and see how excited you can get. Agh. Stand up and move about when doing this if you want to.

3: Giggles.

Can you remember a time when you had a fit of the giggles? A time when you were laughing uncontrollably and couldn't stop. Where were you, What made you laugh so much, were you smoking something. Again step into the situation, and go through all the same procedure as above. Imagine everything that happened and the reason why you were laughing. Remember the sound of laughter, the look on other peoples faces. I got the giggles at a funeral when I was about ten. Not appropriate I know, but I couldn't help myself. Don't judge me!

4: Amazement.

Can you remember a time when you saw something amazing? Could be seeing a performance on stage, seeing something from nature that was amazing. I remember seeing fork lightning from above on a plain coming from Corfu, and seeing the stars from a yacht in Germany. Again imagine being there and go through all the senses. Enjoy the moment as if you were there again. Take a few minutes to enjoy it again.

5: Performance:

Go back to a time when you were performing at your best. This could be a work situation, a sport, a performance, or even a social situation, or anything else. When people are at their best it's usually when they are not thinking consciously about it. It's just happening. You can go through this one just before you have to perform at your best in a future situation. Just imagine what you were like at your best just before you have to do what you are doing.

6: Achievement:

Can you think of something that you have achieved that you are proud of? It can be a small thing like finishing off a small task to a big achievement like winning something. Again go through the process of being in that situation, and enjoy the achievement again. You deserve it. I remember the time I completed a marathon in Edinburgh. The adrenalin rush I felt as I saw the finishing line, and heard the crowd cheering was amazing. I get goosebumps just thinking about it.

7: Love:

Are you in love with someone at the moment. If not can you remember a time when you were. Imagine a moment when you felt that feeling of love. What was it about that person that made you feel that way? What were you doing, what was being said, how did you feel?. Where did you feel that feeling. Again give that feeling a colour, spread the feeling through your body and multiply the brightness. Enjoy that feeling again.

8: Fantasy:

The memories you create in your head don't have to be real. Imagine something that you would like to happen in your wildest dreams. This can be anything you want. It could be winning the world cup, winning an Oscar. If you have a dirty mind that's ok. It's your fantasy nobody will know. Treat it like it was a real memory. Go into that fantasy, really imagine being there. Really vamp up whats going on. Maker everything bigger, brighter, louder. Make it brilliant. Really enjoy being there. Vamp up the feeling as well. I have some that I can't discuss. I always wanted to win the world snooker championship. That's my clean one.

9: Future Goals:

Do you have a goal that you want to achieve. If not, think of something you would really love to do. Treat this like the memories you have already had. All achievements start with thoughts. Imagine what you would see when you achieve one of your goals. Imagine being where you would be, seeing what you would see, and the feeling you would have. Really get involved in this one. Make it a real as you can. Vamp up the feelings, enjoy the moment. After you have done this go and take some action to making it happen.

10: Anything Else:

This list could go on for ever. Write a few of your own. Write as many as you can. Keep a hold of this list and when ever you want to feel great go through them and do the exercises. Enjoy.

Well I'm sure you are feeling pretty good right now. It's amazing what you can do with your mind when you know how. As well as using your memories to make you feel good you can also use simple techniques to make remembering facts easier. Imagine you could easily remember information for exams, names and faces of clients, and even have the ability to remember a pack of playing cards in order as a party piece. Find out more. Sign up for my 10 free memory lessons at http://www.advancedmemorytechniques.com.