The Properties of Positive Energy

It is interesting how the word energy has become a part of our daily lives. Some believe that energy is neutral, till we personalize it and label it positive or negative. Everything on this earth is energy. In physics, energy, an Ancient Greek word, energeia, is an indirectly observed quantity. It is often understood as the ability of a physical system to do work on other physical systems. Since work is defined as a force acting through a distance (a length of space), energy is always equivalent to the ability to exert pulls or pushes against the basic forces of nature, along a path of a certain length.

To have a deeper appreciation of energy around us, I hope you find a walk through the halls of science interesting and fascinating. It was argued for some years whether energy was a substance (the caloric) or merely a physical quantity, such as momentum.

The concept of energy is widespread in all sciences. In chemistry, in biology, in geology, the continental drift, mountain ranges, volcanoes and earthquakes are phenomena that can be explained in terms of energy transformations in the Earth's interior. While meteorological phenomena like wind, rain, hail, snow, lightning, tornadoes and hurricanes are all a result of energy transformations brought about by solar energy on the Earth's atmosphere.

Cosmology and astronomy with the phenomena of stars, supernova, quasars and gamma ray bursts are the universe's highest- output energy transformations of matter. Stellar phenomena, solar activity are driven by various kinds of energy transformations.

So let positive energy enter into our lives. Welcome it. Every moment of our waking life, energy surrounds us. It is a gift of Nature that we can use to our best advantage, or squander it to our peril. We can choose to be happy and attract positive energy, or resist and thus create negative energy and be miserable. Life moves along, it is never static, ever for those who are languishing in illness and pain. While there is breath, there is life.

There is so much to understand about the power of positive energy. Volumes are written on the advantage and healing property of a positive energy or attitude. The positive energy/ attitude is closely linked to the law of attraction. Consider the highest output of energy transformations occuring in cosmology and astronomy- why not tap into this source to power everyone's positive energy. The elements air, earth, water and fire are loaded with energy we can draw upon. It is ours for the asking, or for the taking, in return, we show our gratitude by respecting and conserving energy.

Since energy is a force, feel it, direct it in a positive way to enhance your physical, mental and emotional state. Let it help you develop positive habits that will let you live with less stress, find greater happiness and fulfillment in your relationships and career.

A person with positive energy:

a. is encouraged to shift thoughts, perception, habits and feel more alive
b. exudes kindness, compassion and self-confidence
c. feels safe, is not fearful, compatible, relaxed and attracts people
d. emanate peace and is friendly
e. finds healing from past or present trauma or illness
f. full of vitality, strength and courage that helps sustain mental and physical activity
g. heightens and deepens intuitive abilities and focus
h. basis for the law of attraction, strengthens opening yourself to all possibilities

A person with negative energy:

a. given to self-sabotage, self-destruction and always distracted
b. nurtures a victim complex, feels demeaned, attacked, constrained
c. feels tense and uneasy
d. sends out unpleasant vibrations, and not sociable
e. low energy level, prone to sickness and other health problems

It is a fact that some people give out positive or negative energy. There are those who can zap the energy out of the person next to them.

Life is about energy, creativity, the rhythmns of existence. Positive energy helps us to feel and direct the amazing interconnections of the world within us and around us.

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Bonnie Moss writes to inspire and to motivate her readers to explore the depths of their heart and soul and make a difference in this world. She draws from personal experience and her interest in spirituality.