Christmas Decorating on the Cheap

So many people seem to think to have expensive Christmas decorations to make their house look great during the holiday season. This is not true at all. You can use things that you already have or that you get cheap or for nothing to help to decorate your house for Christmas and make it look just as nice without the high price.

Replace the pictures in your picture frames with a montage of old Christmas cards that you have received or that you bought to send. Having them framed looks very festive and it is very inexpensive. You can do the same if you have a Christmas or even a winter themed calendar. The photos in those are extremely professional and no one will even know they aren't real pictures. After the holiday, take them down and use them again next year or use the one's you get this year to use in next year's photo montage.

Go to your local nursery and see if they have any scraps of holly or branches they've taken off of a tree and ask if you can have them. They may simply give them to you or charge you a small fee for them. It would be things they would throw away anyway. If you can get enough of the greenery, you can make a small wreath to hang on your door after adding some decorative beads and bows. You can add some bows and decorate your banister on your stairs.
Group together some inexpensive candles and arrange the holly you got from the nursery around them. Place them on a mirror or a piece of Christmas material for an added touch. Use a piece of material to cover a table in your home or to use as a table runner on your dining room table. Add a centerpiece of a bowl filled with pine cones that you have spray painted gold or just some old Christmas balls that you may not use anymore. Add red and silver, red and green, only red, only silver. The possibilities are endless with what you can fill your bowl with.

To decorate the pictures hanging on your walls, you can wrap them and add a bow to them. They look just like Christmas presents hanging on the wall. Wrap some red ribbon and add a big bow at the end of the banister on your stair case. It looks very festive and gives that holiday warmth to your home.

Flip through a craft magazine while you are waiting in the line at the grocery store. Most of the things in there are items you make in your own home and it will give you more ideas than you can use in one year alone.