Happy New Year 2012

Happy New Year! It's a time for wiping the slate clean and making a fresh start. We'll make resolutions that we hope will improve our lives - we'll vow to lose weight, get out of debt or get organized. To make 2010 the best year ever, try this: as a married partner, determine to do whatever it takes to improve your relationship with your spouse. Research shows that if husbands and wives will channel their energy and creativity towards strengthening their relationship, our families will be healthier, our children will be happier, and we as individuals will increase our emotional, mental, spiritual and physical well-being.

New Year's Resolutions to consider:

    * Adopt a pro-active, growth-related attitude about your relationship - maintain control rather than putting it on autopilot
    * Spend more time together as a couple - quantity and quality go hand-in-hand
    * Schedule regular date nights with your spouse. Write it on the calendar in ink!
    * Set aside time each day to talk with each other - both chit-chat and heart-to-heart
    * Work on your problems and conflicts - don't let them go unresolved
    * Get help if you need it - seek out a counselor or minister
    * Attend a marriage class, join a couple growth group or read a book on a relationship topic
    * Touch each other - sexual and non-sexual affection are important

Resolve that this year, your marriage will be a blessing to you, your spouse and most importantly, your children. Children pay a huge price when their family is destroyed. Resolve that your children won't ever have to suffer through a divorce. Make 2010 the year that your marriage is the best it's ever been.

Keep reading. Keep learning. Keep growing!

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Married for 33 years, Greg and Priscilla Hunt are certified Specialists in Marriage Enrichment, Couple Communication Instructor Trainers, Prepare-Enrich Seminar Directors and Mentoring for Better Marriages Trainers. Greg is a consultant and author. Priscilla is Executive Director of Better Marriages: Association for Couples in Marriage Enrichment. The Hunts are known for their energetic, creative and thought-provoking style of presenting