Etsy Round Up! Links I'm Swooning Over and New Art from us!

Follow my blog with BloglovinEver since I became a seller on Etsy I notice that it has now become my go-to for gift giving. I have always loved giving handmade items to my friends and family but I love it even more so now that I really understand the workings behind a handmade business. When you buy handmade not only are you supporting that artist but you are also helping them pay bills, make rent and live their dream.

Who knew clicking "add to cart" could change someone's life, huh?

I think its obvious why I need this. No explanation needed. Totally bummed out the price to ship it is crazy expensive (I mean, I TOTALLY get why) and unfortunately if it gets busted in the mail I would have to pay to have it shipped back, so I think for now I'll just admire this bad boy from a distance and just, like, make it my phone's wall paper for the time being to get my fix.

I know, you just let out a little gasp to yourself didn't you? I did the same thing too, it's ok gasp away.

These...YES THESE!!!

Something weird happens when you reach your mid to late twenties, you start to get really excited over things like napkins.

Yes, I have way too many necklaces and do not need anymore (I mean I do have 1 neck) but I can't help but love this vintage map necklace by Victoria Camp. Bub's and I went to Dublin the past September, it was our first trip overseas together and I really loved every second I had with him in a foreign country. She has a ton of other places too go check her out!


oh and hey, did you see the new print in the Yellow Heart Art Shop?

Ok I'll admit it right here right now: I have absolutely none of my own prints, plushes or anything I create in my apartment as decoration. I decided I wanted my new studio to be peach, gold, white with hints of gray everywhere. I decided I FINALLY needed to put my own art in my own studio VIOLA this print was born. She will be up in my studio once she is done being painted and stocked with IKEA furniture (cause let's be real, can any artist afford anything other than IKEA? Exactly)



1. There is till time to vote on my art to be potentially sold at uncommon goods! Thank you already to everyone who has voted and spread the word, my heart is so full.

2. If you are friends with us on instagram (@YellowHeartArt) be sure to follow us for a chance to win Yellow Heart Art items for a year! (Yes, I've gone insane, embrace it before I realize how crazy this is) just look for the pic in my feed that has the information you need! (don't worry, its super obvious)