Life Officially Changed (Again) What I Replaced my Shampoo With

I noticed a few weeks ago that right after washing my hair and drying it that my hair looked really greasy still, like as if I had taken a palm full of crisco and slapped it into my hair and prepped it for a cook off with Paula Deane. My roots were "sticky" and clumping together no matter how much I washed and rinsed it. It was so frustrating because I knew my hair was clean but it looked filthy.

I asked my sister in law what to do since she's a hair dresser, she told me that all that "gunk" on my scalp was left over build up from my shampoo and no matter how much I washed it was only going to get worse and worse. She said that sulfate (the ingredient in shampoo whose ONLY purpose is to "foam up" the shampoo so you THINK its cleaning your hair more so than it is) is the reason for all that residue.


So you mean to tell me the MORE I clean my hair the DIRTIER it looks? So I'm just basically wasting time in the shower?

My sister in law told me I needed a clarifying shampoo to get rid of all the build up in my hair. I turned to google to find a cheap clarifying product and, well, A+ to google for stumbling upon this gem:

Apparently, using baking soda to wash your hair is the best thing you can do for it.

Ha, yeah okay.

You mean the stuff I use in my muffins and the stuff that I mix with water to shove up into my nose using a genie lamp to help with my sinus infections ALSO will clean my hair?

I was super skeptical, but it was a saturday and I had baking soda on hand so I figured "eh, why not, the only people seeing me today are the real house wives of atlanta"

I made a paste of baking soda and water in my palm and massaged it onto my scalp. It felt really gritty and odd since there was no "foam" action happening. I was convinced that I had just ruined my hair and that clumps of baking soda would be permanently fused to strands.

I rinsed it out till my hair felt slick. I blow dried and flat ironed as usual. When I was done I noticed something crazy. My hair was bouncy, light, airy and clean. My hair has not felt this good in, well, ever.

Baking soda gods, are you there? It's me, Leonora. I'm sorry for doubting your ability to wash my hair, please forgive me? Amen.

I am officially a converter. I will never use shampoo ever again.

yes, this could be drying on your hair. Right now I don't have any clarifying shampoo (or shampoo with out sulfate) so for now I am sparingly using the baking soda technique. I recommend doing this once or twice a week and alternate with a shampoo that is free of sulfates, these shampoos used to cost a lot of money but now brands like L'Oreal have affordable alternatives. Some people have also ditched their conditioner and replaced it with apple cider vinegar. I haven't been THAT gutsy yet so I do dab a light amount of conditioner on the ends of my hair, let me know if you have any tips :)