Life Lately

I am so past due for a little round-up post! <3

HAPPY that we surprised the bride-to-be for her bridal shower! (Congrats courtney!) (She's the cutie in the middle, and I'm rockin' yellow) (shocker)

WISHING that I can tell you why I've been so MIA lately, promise I'll tell ya soon ;)

STOKED to finally try this self tanner out so home girl can stop walking around like a giant glow stick.

PREPPING for Altitude Summit that is happening next week. If you're unfamiliar with Alt its a conference for entrepreneurs and designers to geek out over things like typography and color and other awesome shiz.

MAKING new loot for Yellow Heart Art. More stamps and *new* square pillow covers will make a debut by mid-summer. I know I know I've been talking about square pillows since the winter, It's comin' guys.

OVERWHELMED by a lot lately.

WANTING to cut my side bangs shorter, but New York humidity has other plans for my hair (spoiler alert: it involves afro puff frizz hair)

GEEKING over Renegade Craft Fair that is happening next week too! Unfortunately I couldn't apply to be a vendor this year, but next year? Oh next year

• ROCKIN' my new aviators like a boss. (or a motorcycle cop, whichever)

HACKING away at my eyebrows. Seriously guys, why didn't anyone tell me that I could've been Jim Dad's understudy in American Pie?

Happy Tuesday Loves!