When I Was Your Age...

While cleaning up my apartment recently I came across a bunch of items that to me didn't really see that old, but after really looking at them I realized that technology is moving at such rapid speed that you start to have those "when I was your age..." moments.

When I was Your Age:

• Cell phones didn't have a camera, apps or even color. Do you know what our form of entertainment was? A game called snake that was basically a bunch of pixellated squares lined up in a row, you had to get more and more squares with out your "snake" ramming into itself.

• You only got charged for text messages you sent, not received.

• The only form of "blue tooth" we had was when you had too many blue berry blow pops.

• The internet used to make funny noises (reeeeaaaarawww eeehhhhhhh boop boop boop bopp scaaareeeech) 

• Cameras had film.

• So did Video Cameras.

• We had to get our music from Napster.

• Facebook used to be just for people in college. There were no photo albums, games, home page or chat options. It was one profile picture of you and your class schedule. People left you comments in a giant text box and with out fail one idiot friend would accidentally delete your entire "wall" because apparently you could edit everyone's comments.

• MySpace was the shiz.

• MySpace was also super creepy.

• Reality Shows didn't always exist.

• Dawson's Creek and Laguna Beach were our Downton Abby and Jersey Shore.

• All your nails were the same colored nail polish.

• Pluto was a planet

ha, did I forget anything guys??